Roof Painting Tips

For all property owners who are unskilled in the field of roof painting, it would always be better to hire professional roof painters to have their roofs painted. However, if you believe you have enough skills and proper roof painting equipment, of course, no one can stop you from painting your own roof if you really want to.


In painting your own roof, here are some tips you might find useful:


Choose the right type of paint for the specific type of roof. In choosing a roof paint, there are some crucial factors to consider other than color that would go well with the style of your home. Select the kind of paint that will stick effectively to your iron roof and the roof paint type that would adhere to your concrete roof. Water-based roof paints will adhere well to concrete and clay tiles, while oil-based roof paints will be great for metal roofs.


Clean your roof prior to painting it. Just like with painting walls, a clean roof will ensure a smoother, better-looking result. Wash your roof to get rid of any dirt and wait for your roof to dry even before applying paint on it.


Avoid painting your roof on a blustery, windy day. Wind can cause problems to your roof painting project – especially if you are using an air spray to paint your roof. Your paint can go everywhere unpredictable because of the wind.


Don’t neglect your own safety. You can get too excited to take on your roof painting that you might forget your own safety – don’t. Wear proper protective gear before applying the first coating. Remember that some chemicals in the paint could be toxic so you have to keep yourself protected. Invest in a sturdy, strong ladder that you could use to climb the roof safely.