During stormy seasons, the strength and durability of our roofs are put to the test. Hail, rainfall, and even strong winds can definitely affect our roofs during stormy weather, that is why protecting our roofs in preparation for such trying weather conditions can really be necessary.


Alliance Roof Coatings can help you in protecting the roof of your residential or commercial property in BC.


With over 900 roof painting contractors and roof care experts since its launching in 1995, Alliance Roof Coatings can do more than just repainting your roof – we could also help ensure that your roof will be in a good, sturdy condition in the years to come.


Apart from roof repainting projects, Alliance Roof Coatings also offer roof inspection, minor roof cleaning and maintenance procedures, as well as roof repairs and restoration.


Our main office is located in North Vancouver and clients are free to drop by at any time between 10 AM and 3 PM. Alternatively, you may reach us by telephone during business hours. You may also send us a message through our email address – a representative from Alliance Roof Coatings will get back to your message within six hours from the time you have sent it.