Roof Painting Tips

For all property owners who are unskilled in the field of roof painting, it would always be better to hire professional roof painters to have their roofs painted. However, if you believe you have enough skills and proper roof painting equipment, of course, no one can stop you from painting your own roof if you really want to.


In painting your own roof, here are some tips you might find useful:


Choose the right type of paint for the specific type of roof. In choosing a roof paint, there are some crucial factors to consider other than color that would go well with the style of your home. Select the kind of paint that will stick effectively to your iron roof and the roof paint type that would adhere to your concrete roof. Water-based roof paints will adhere well to concrete and clay tiles, while oil-based roof paints will be great for metal roofs.


Clean your roof prior to painting it. Just like with painting walls, a clean roof will ensure a smoother, better-looking result. Wash your roof to get rid of any dirt and wait for your roof to dry even before applying paint on it.


Avoid painting your roof on a blustery, windy day. Wind can cause problems to your roof painting project – especially if you are using an air spray to paint your roof. Your paint can go everywhere unpredictable because of the wind.


Don’t neglect your own safety. You can get too excited to take on your roof painting that you might forget your own safety – don’t. Wear proper protective gear before applying the first coating. Remember that some chemicals in the paint could be toxic so you have to keep yourself protected. Invest in a sturdy, strong ladder that you could use to climb the roof safely.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Roof Painter

Your roof is one of the most noticeable parts of your home, therefore it can really be easy to tell whether or not it is well taken care of.


A roof that is beautifully painted can speak volumes about you and how you manage your home. Therefore, roof painting done from time to time can almost be considered as a necessity for your roof.


Painting the roof yourself can sound like a genuinely great idea until you actually take time to consider the amazing benefits of hiring a professional roof painter to take on the job instead.


There are so many reasons for you to hire a professional roof painting company to add spice to your dull, lifeless roof:


  • Faster job completion – Perhaps the best reason for you to hire professionals to handle roof painting jobs is that they can complete jobs a lot faster than you. Since experienced roof painting companies are used to handling the job countless times before, it is likely that they already have a well thought out strategy when it comes to painting roofs that make them complete the work much faster.
  • Additional work is done – When you hire roof painters, they won’t only paint your roof. They will also wash your roof prior to painting it. If you do the job yourself, you would still need to buy additional roof cleaning devices and materials if you also want to clean your roof yourself. Hiring a roof cleaning company, on the other hand, will also lead to additional expenses.
  • Leftover paint – There are times when you would have leftover paint from the job completed. Leftover paint is regarded as hazardous waste for some areas, which means that its disposal calls for special handling. When you hire a professional roof painting company, they will take care of any leftover paint for you and would ensure that is properly disposed of.
  • If you are looking to replace your roof altogether look to

Benefits of Roof Coating

Regular roof cleaning, roof repair, and roof inspection are just some of the basic needs of our roof, whether your property is a residential or commercial one.

But, aside from the usual routine maintenance steps, roof coating is something that could be considered as another basic necessity for every roof.

Roof coating comes with several benefits that is why many roofing experts highly recommend having your roof coated by an expert once every few years. Here are some of the known benefits of roof coating:

Fresh Look

One of the most noticeable benefits of coating your roof is the enhancement it can give to the appearance of your roof. Not only would roof coating bring your roof color back to life, it can protect your roof against peeling, chipping, and fading so quickly.

Added Protection

Roof coating can make your roof a bit more resistant against rain. While no roofing material can be 100% rainproof, adding a coating to your roof can definitely improve its performance. There is a variety of coating selection, there are even some designed to protect from impact and from the fire. There are roof coatings that can seal minor and small holes.

Save More Energy

The ability to reflect heat that is otherwise just contained on the roofing is among the best benefits roof coating can give you. Since your roof will give off the heat it takes from the sun once roof coating is applied, you can expect the temperature in your house to be cooler – hence helping you cut down your energy bills.

Added Years to Roof Life

Because roof coating can protect against various components detrimental to your roof, you can get to enjoy your roof for a longer period of time. You can avoid premature roof replacement if your roof is sufficiently protected from strong winds, damaging sun rays, and extreme rainfall, thanks to roof coating.

Various Types of Roof Coatings

Applying a roof coating on your roof has so many benefits. Roof coatings can add more years to the life expectancy of your roof. Among the most important benefits of applying roof coating to your roof are making it more beautiful, as well as making it stronger and more resistant to harmful factors such as heat and moisture.


If you want to protect your roof, it would be best to contact a professional roof contractor company that offers roof coating services rather than doing the job yourself. There are roof coatings that call for specific applying methods and there are some that can be extremely harmful when handled improperly that it will be better if only experts deal with them for safety purposes.


But nonetheless, even when you are meaning to hire qualified roof contractors to do the roof coating task for you, it would be quite helpful if you familiarize yourself with the common types of roof coatings and what they can do for your roof.


Asphalt coating – Asphalt coatings are extremely useful in repairing and even lengthening the life of your roof. This coating type is excellent for its releasing of heat from the sun exposure and efficient in protection against harmful UV rays.


Bitumen coating – Made particularly for bitumen roofs, bitumen coating can even strengthen the natural waterproof properties of bitumen. Bitumen coating can repair minor cracks on your roof, can aid in increasing the roof’s durability, and can help enhance your roof’s protection against factors that might damage it like hail, strong winds, and even fire.

Silicone coating – Even though very expensive, silicone roof coating can be really helpful in preserving your roof. Silicone coatings can help in shielding your roof against harsh weather – heavy rains and strong winds. This coating type could help your roofing in reflecting UV and sun’s rays as well – thus, making the warmth in your home easier to control.